Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Great American Bake Sale!!

In a couple of weeks my Husband and I are hosting a Bake Sale to support Share our Strength and raise money to help end childhood hunger in America. This event is sponsored in part by Domino sugar, and C&H Sugar. I encourage all of you to visit their website and sign up to host your own bake sale. It's free, and best of're helping a good cause!
My suggestions for holding a succesful bake sale:
  • Recruit your friends, family and neighbors to help you bake and organize the sale
  • Get your community involved! Post flyers asking for donated baked goods or donated time to get prepared for the bake sale
  • Get Grandma's recipes-the traditional baked good favorites will always be a hit! Homemade donuts anyone?!...
  • Make something for all tastes and personalities. Have trail mixes, chocolate lover items, healthier options, small portions for the newlyweds, or large portions for the growing families.
  • HAVE FUN! You're doing something great for kids all over America. How can you not have fun!

This fundraising event is endorsed by a couple of my favorite Food Network celebs such as Sandra Lee and Duff Goldman. I think Duff is holding a bake sale sometime this month as well at his Charm City Cakes bakery. If you're going to be in his area, that would definitely be something worth checking out!!

I can't wait for our bake sale! I have started ripping recipes out of magazines, prepare my favorite recipes, even my Husband is going to bake some things! I think he's going to be in charge of selling the baked goods while I'm inside promoting the Tastefully Simple Spring & Summer 2009 product line.

I think oreo truffles may even make an appearance at our bake sale...

Or maybe some yummy gooey delicious brownies?!....
Or even a beautifully decorated, raspberry filled cake...yumm...

What are you waiting for? Go sign up today!!
Looking for another way to use your baking skills to support a worthy cause? Check out what Molly is doing over at The Rookie Chef .

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Molly Jean said...

You are going to be GREAT! I think it's awesome that you are doing this. I'm sure you will be very successful :)