Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saturday Breakfast: French Toast with Fresh Whipped Cream and Strawberries

As much as I love the weekends, they always go way too fast! I know that everyone says that but my Husband works Sunday-Thursday so our weekends together consist of Saturdays. A one-day weekend. Boo. I really like when I can make a breakfast that's something other than yogurt or oatmeal which is usually what we eat for Breakfast during the week.This is where I'll start a new 'series' of Saturday Breakfasts. These will be breakfasts above and beyond the 'normal' quick and easy breakfasts.

The yummiest part of this breakfast was the fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream. We recently bought a magic bullet and you wouldn't believe how easy it is to make fresh whipped cream. Not to mention smoothies, salsa, guacamole..I'm in love with that thing! What's better yet, we got it for $20 thanks to also using a Kohl's gift card.

French Bread French Toast
Any Amy's Kitchen Creation Original Recipe

Half of a loaf of french bread, sliced
Fresh strawberries, stems removed & berries sliced
4 Eggs
Splash or two of milk
~1tsp Cinnamon

Crack eggs and place in bowl, add the splash (or two) of milk and the cinnamon and beat together. I always spray a litle non-stick cooking spray on my cooking surface (griddle). Heat the griddle to medium-high heat. Dip your bread into the egg mixture, flip to the other side and make sure that side is coated as well.

Place on griddle for a few minutes each side until golden brown and the egg mixture is obviously cooked.

Serve with fresh whipped cream and strawberries and a shake or two of powdered sugar.

Fresh Whipped Cream
If you have a magic bullet, pour about 1 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream into the short cup. Add a tablespoon or so of powdered sugar and a little splash of vanilla. Blend together until the bullet stops making the blending sound and makes more of a whirring sound. (Thats the wording from the recipe book that comes with the bullet :-))

If you do not have these ingredients, you could use a blender or kitchenaid mixer to whip up some whipped cream!

Enjoy your Saturday morning Breakfast!

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