Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes, again!

I've made Red Velvet Cupcakes before and have posted them here.  I made these for Valentine's Day this year and brought them into work.  I made about five dozen cupcakes, took four dozen to work and shared the other dozen with my Parents, Sister & her Boyfriend as well as a Friend of mine and her Daughter. 

These cupcakes are definitely a crowd pleaser and they're honestly so simple to make! 

Aren't these cupcake boxes cute?  I think I got them awhile back at Target in their Dollar Spot.  The heart decoration on the bottom left, is from a candy melt mold.  I've never used candy molds before but they didn't exactly work out nicely when you tried to pop them out.  The top two cupcakes, I did those decorations freehand on wax paper with melted candy melts.  Once they were dry, I plucked them off the wax paper and adorned my cupcakes with them. 

Once again, my coworkers went gaga for these cupcakes.  I was happy to share them and they really made my day with their sweet compliments about the presentation of the cupcakes.  My local Target gave me some plastic cupcake carriers that made transportation to work so easy! 

Product Review: This review is not compensated or sponsored by Reynold's.  Their new "Baked For You" cupcake liners are amazing.  They are foil lined and they keep their vibrant color and design.  They don't get oily or greasy like other cupcake liners.  I've only ever used the Black Damask design since I found them at a grocery store at a mega discount!  I hope to find them again for a decent price (maybe with a coupon) so I can continue to use them.  They really work well and add a little oomph to your cupcake presentation!  I can't wait to use the Pink Damask, Tiffany Swirl and Dots liners! How cute would those Monkey liners be for a child's Birthday Party?

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