Friday, December 17, 2010

Oreo Truffles..again

I made oreo truffles again this year. I'm sure I'll be asked to make them for many years. These weren't for family, friends or even Secret Santas. My Husband's coworkers love these truffles. I've told them how easy they are. I've told them that they're just oreos and condensed milk. They don't care. One of his coworkers specifically, talks about these truffles year round. She'll tell other coworkers "Have you had Matt's Wife's truffles?" I'm happy to oblige. I'm happy that I can make something so easy and they're so well received. So.. a week ago I set aside time on Sunday to make these truffles. I had two packages of oreos ready and waiting. I even used double stuffed. I didn't realize how many truffles two packages would make.

When making them, I used a cookie scoop, scooped it into my hand and then cut that in half. I didn't want ginormous truffles, bite sized was more realistic I thought. Well...that gave me enough truffles to send 6 dozen into work with Matt. We probably had a dozen left at home too.

I predicted that I'd get an email from his coworker that has my email address. The subject line "sooooo goooood". That's it. No message. I assume she was busy eating a truffle and didn't have time for any more words than that.
Truffle Delight!


Mary said...

what is the recipe you use? I have a recipe but its more then oreos and condensed milk (i think) haha

Anonymous said...

I make these anytime of the year. So many kinds to make.
I love the lemon ones with
white chocolate.